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How much we have raised so far
Raised: $82,878.36 Goal: $75,000

How Your Past Donations Were Used

Last year’s Digital Dharma Drive contributions of $83,662.36 went toward web improvements, digital assets, ebooks, a Hindu catechism for youth and other projects, with ten percent set aside for a permanent DDD Endowment that, in the far future, will take the place of this annual fund-raising effort. Here is a partial, and mind-numbing, list.

Hinduism Today:
We designed an improved version of our almost-daily Hindu Press (HPI) email newsletter. It had been awfully plain all these years, and soon readers will have imagery to go with the mini articles. Two more editions of our magazine, Hinduism Today, were published in the Russian language by the team in Moscow. We commissioned Blue Toad to produce four more mobile editions of the magazine, making the entire contents available for free (and ad-free) on all platforms.

App Development:
Our largest app ever (drum roll) the SivaSiva app, which gives access to all of our teachings, was ported to the Android platform, making it available to readers who don’t have iPhones. Our Spiritual Workout app was rebuilt from the inside out for performance optimization, a kewler user interface and enhanced features.

HAMSA--New Website Addition:
After hundreds of hours of coding by our expert in Brazil, and tagging of thousands of works of art by Dinodia in Mumbai, our Himalayan Academy Museum of Spiritual Art (HAMSA) was released in August. It was a major achievement, which gives access to our immense repository of spiritual art, for free. You can explore the final product here:

We hired our veteran firm in Chennai to convert more of our renowned publications on contemporary Hinduism to PDF, ePub (for iPad, iPhone, Nook and other devices) and Amazon Kindle formats. After three years, we completed the digitization of 4,000+ books and now have the entire library on our server, fully searchable inside the monastery.

More illustrations (both black and white and full color) were completed by Ashley Moore for lessons seven through 13 for the upcoming publication named Lion Sage, a condensed children’s version of Merging with Siva.

Our major accomplishment was a new book called Guru’s Wisdom. It’s an anthology of 52 of Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami’s best Publisher’s Desk editorials in Hinduism Today, creatively illustrated and released–in print and in digital form–in time for our Mahasamadhi Observances in November. We also translated Path to Siva into Tamil and printed a full-color edition in Malaysia for global disctibution. The Marathi edition of Dancing with Siva was completed and made into ePubs and PDFs, now available online.

Books as Progressive Web Apps:
In what may be a first in the field of publishing, our Brazilian programmer Andre Garzia, has taken our books and turned them into Progressive Web Apps (PWA). That means when you download the book on iOS and Android, it appears on your home screen (like an app). It only takes seconds. As you read, pages are downloaded to your device. As you read further, the downloaded pages continue to be available, even if you go offline.

Audio Books:
We have hired a voice actor in India to narrate the entire Master Course Trilogy. He has almost completed Dancing with Siva which will go on YouTube and our site. Meanwhile, Satguru personally recorded the entirety of Path to Siva: A Catechism for Youth as an audio book, which is now available on our site.

Virtual Tour Upgrades:
Many have asked us to present a gallery of images of Kauai’s Hindu Monastery. In response, we developed Virtual Tour of the Aadheenam, now in the final phases of development, with a hired professional photographer adding hundreds of new images to a stunning collection. The interface is being built in London and will be test-driven in November.

YouTube Publishing:
Bodhinatha’s webinars have been added to YouTube, and four more of his Publisher’s Desks have been translated into seven languages and made available online.

Educational Films:
We completed the last two of our five 22-minute films on Indian history and Hindu culture, designed to be used in America’s sixth grade schoolrooms. The first two films have enjoyed a growing popularity, with 2,800,000 and 1,300,000 views respectively on YouTube.

Other Resource Development:
Major progress was made on one of Gurudeva’s initiatives, The Holy Bible of the Saivite Hindu Religion. Collections of Saivite scriptures have been gathered, annotated and evaluated for the online publication. And we have hired an Indian expert to create the database and interface for accessing the abundant scriptural resources it holds.

We hired a design artist in Europe to redesign the monthly Iraivan Temple newsletter, which has a colorful new look.

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