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How much we have raised so far
Raised: $132,242.68 Goal: $75,000

How Your Past Donations Were Used

Last year's Digital Dharma Drive contributions of $113,319.36 went toward small projects and large, including: web improvements, digital assets, ebooks, printed books and audio books, with ten percent set aside for a permanent DDD Endowment that, in the far future, will take the place of this annual fund-raising effort. Here are the highlights of the team's accomplishments in 2020.

Hinduism Today Website Development
This year we began development of a new version of the Hinduism Today website. The site is being built from the ground up, and all our many years of articles are being uploaded and edited one by one to produce a user-friendly online experience. Overall it will be a great visual and performance-based upgrade over our current Hinduism Today website.

HAMSA Gets an Upgrade
Since the public release of our Himalayan Academy Museum of Spiritual Art (HAMSA) in September of 2018, many new categories and hundreds of new images have been added. (Yes, the art can be downloaded for free.) In August of 2020, the entire web app was rebuilt from the ground up for better performance and ease of access. You can explore the final product here:

Saivite Scriptures
After years of effort, we have made this massive Hindu resource public. The full name is Saivite Scriptures: A Sacred Anthology of Saiva Siddhanta Hinduism. This was a project Gurudeva initiated, to give Saivites a holy book, a bible, so to speak, assembled in one place, searchable and inspiring. You can see the results here:

Seven Dimensions of the Mind
Mid-year we set everything aside to produce a new full-color book called Seven Dimensions of the Mind . Digitally printed in Arizona, it is our gift to Gurudeva during the annual Mahasamadhi puja in November. Artist Natalie Levin provided 20 amazing black & white sketches of Gurudeva for the 84-page book. The text is from Gurudeva's remarkable map of the mind, created in 1974 but until now never published in full.

Music Videos for Children
Our teams in Serbia, Russia and California finished 15 short (2-3 minute) music videos to teach Hindu history to American 6th graders and they are all complete and now posted to YouTube. They make uplifting resources for youth classes. By seeing them all, a student gains a grasp of Hinduism's teachings and India's history and influence in the world. Here is the full playlist:

App Development
The SivaSiva App has been upgraded in major ways, both in architecture and features. When you open the app, it is light and fast. There is a new Journal feature: using it you can go anywhere in the app and then access a personal log to get you back to where you were. When you use documents online, have patience; it may take some time, depending on bandwidth. You can now download music and inspired talks to your phone and listen to them offline. See

Our full-time code warrior in London, Andre Garcia, took S. Rajam's 108 paintings and each chapter's ten verses by Tiruvalluvar and produced 108 digital posts that present this ancient scripture in bite-sized portions. It's part of our mission to make the traditional teachings easily accessed online.

We hired Atritex, our veteran firm in Chennai, to convert more of our renowned publications on contemporary Hinduism to PDF, ePub (for iPad, iPhone, Nook and other devices) and Amazon Kindle formats. As part of this initiative, we assembled the 12 Saivite beliefs in other languages. They are available here but you have to scroll through books to find them:

In September, we hired an expert Tamil translator to undertake the massive job of translating the 1,008-page book Merging with Siva into the Tamil language. It's a goal that's been on our To Do list for 20 years, so there is a great fulfillment in seeing this move forward.

Audio Book
Similarly, we commissioned Raj Narayan to narrate Merging with Siva. so it can be available as an audio book. Raj is a popular actor both in India and the US, though likely best known for voicing the Indian penguin in the animated film "Happy Feet."

Hinduism Today
Our HT app and website editions get many thousands of visitors (up to 40,000 for the most popular articles). We commissioned Blue Toad to produce four more mobile editions of the magazine, making the entire contents available for free (and ad-free) on all platforms. You can download the app here:

Two more editions of Hinduism Today were published in the Russian language by the team in Moscow, who have now produced eight quarterly issues in all. You can access them on our website here:

Gujarati Books Online
The Gujarati narrations of Merging with Siva. and Living with Siva were received from the team in India and uploaded here: and and

Pillars of Iraivan Temple!
One of Gurudeva's instructions for Iraivan Temple was that it was to be a library in stone, depicting important facets of our great tradition upon its 24 outer pillars. Each pillar is beautifully carved with ten meaningful bas-relief stone images. In February of 2020 we compiled all that information into an easily accessible web app on our website. The visual app will help visitors (and our tour guides) as well as anyone wanting to know what they are looking at when visiting. You can access it at:

A Sanskrit Pronunciation Guide
The gifted Sanskritist, Adaityananda Saraswati, is assisting with the writing and editing of a resource that Satguru and our publications team has been working on quietly for many months, a Sanskrit Pronunciation Guide. This tool for learning to chant well, according to the traditional rules, will be published as a course on the Thinkific platform.

YouTube Publishing
Bodhinatha's webinars have been added to YouTube, along with his Sun 1 upadeshas. With Covid-19 happening, he gave an abundance of seminars and satsangs, and they are all available on our Himalayan Academy website. Also, four more of his Publisher's Desks were translated into nine languages and made available online.

Our Pandemic Family Course
Soon after the Covid-19 virus captured the world's interest and drove families into isolation, we took a few weeks to design and publish a 134-lesson course (it's free online) called "Lessons for Sequestered Families." Over 500 families have signed up. Each of the ten chapters has affirmations, audio stories, cartoons, videos, lessons on Saiva Siddhanta, music, art for kids to color, a do-it-yourself kolam of the day and more. It's quite rich. You can enroll here:

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